Fashion Installation, Athens


While the fashion industry is promoting fetish style, trying to transform us into hot, wild mistresses, there are some others who take these ideas and transform them into high level, conceptual artworks. In the case of Cheyco Leidmann, ideas such as BDSM, fetishism, pain, pleasure and sexuality are driven to another dimension through his photographic lens.
Leidmann's artwork features the most outrageous, provocative and shocking characters, from transvestites and prostitutes to drug users and homeless beggars. However, his strong use of colour and light with erotic aggressiveness make his pictures so appealing that it's almost impossible to take your eyes away from them.
His fabulous styles are going under the signature of his creative collaborator Ypsitylla Von Nazareth, who chooses the most outstanding outfits for his shots.
In the recent years, Leidmann's style has become more politically - sensitive with provocative and disturbing images, overshowing the toxicity of today's life.
He has created eight award winning and best seller books and his work has been exhibited in the greatest galleries around the world. His photographic style is widely recognizable and has affected many famous photographers, film directors and artists.
Below you can have a look at an interesting video of the artist himself talking about his renowned book Toxytt: <