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Slide Show presenting legendary visual artist CHEYCO LEIDMANN on the occasion of the 35th Year Anniversary of ‘Foxy Lady’ @ snap! SPACE
Creative Director : Ypsitylla von Nazareth


Exhibition“Symmetry of Demolition”
on view at the Art Deco Museum Miami Beach
Septb 6 - Dec 31 , 2016
The Miami Design Preservation League held a successful grand opening for its fall art exhibits at the Art Deco Museum .
World famous artist Cheyco Leidmann presented his stunning artwork. The turn out was fantastic. "It was a grand success for the museum itself  too due to its fantastic attendance. We were thrilled". Richard Towers, Director

November 30 , 2016
Kick off event party of the official Art Deco Weekend during the Art Basel Art Week .
The Michael Arenella Orchestra , Lindy Collective dance group

Cheyco Leidmann "SYMMETRY of DEMOLITION" @ ART DECO MUSEUM Miami Beach

Symmetry of Demolition
Cheyco Leidmann Exhibition at Art Deco Museum
Exhibit runs through the end of the year

Miami Beach is known for having some of the most distinctive Art Deco architecture in the world. Prepare to get a new perspective on that urban landscape by viewing “Symmetry of Demolition” at the Art Deco Museum. This striking “photography noir” exhibit, which was created in the 1990s by world-famous artist Cheyco Leidmann, highlights the evolving nature of the Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach. Viewers will see how the crumbling structures of the past have made way for new buildings and modern renovations.

Cheyco Leidmann "SYMMETRY of DEMOLITION" @ ART DECO MUSEUM Miami Beach

4 month Exhibition 
on view Sept 06 - Dec 31, 2016
 during Art Basel 

The Miami Design Preservation League held a successful grand opening at the Art Deco Museum.
The turn out was fantastic.
” It was a grand success for the museum.We were thrilled  for our Fall Art Exhibits it was incredible.” Richard Towers , Director 
The museum has a monthly average of three thousand visitors.

Art Deco Museum - 1001 Ocean Drive,Miami Beach, FL 33139 
 For inquiers of Cheyco Leidmann's Art Work please 
contact Ypsitylla von Nazareth at
 LeidmannVisuals {@}yahoo.com

Cheyco Leidmann "SYMMETRY of DEMOLITION" @ ART DECO MUSEUM Miami Beach

OPENING RECEPTION Wednesday, September 7, 2016  7 PM- 9PM
Exhibition on view Sept 6 - Dec 31, 2016

"Experience world famous artist Cheyco Leidmann's "Symmetry of Demolition". Cheyco Leidmann created this photography noir series 20 years ago capturing the dramatic chiaroscuro of light and shadow. Leidmann portrays in a surreal manner the subjective decay of Miami's ever-changing architectural landscape. This black and white series depicts the crumbling Art Deco buildings of Miami Beach that dissolved, disappeared, or were remodeled in order to usher in an urban renewal.Collaboration Ypsitylla von Nazareth."Art Deco Museum.
OPENING RECEPTION Wednesday, September 7, 2016  7 PM to 9 PM
Art Deco Museum - 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139 -

Cheyco Leidmann FOXY LADY on Google+

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Cheyco Leidmann ZETANACHT on Google +

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Cheyco Leidmann FoxyLady _ ______ @Snap!Art Gallery Orlando 2015

Snap!Art Gallery Orlando
Snap! Space presents ‘COUTURE CULTURE,’ an exhibit which at once idealizes and deconstructs the notion of fashion and beauty.
We are delighted to feature legendary visual artist Cheyco Leidmann with provocative images, an artist talk, and book signing celebrating the 35th Year Anniversary of 'Foxy Lady.' In 1980, Cheyco Leidmann established a new cutting edge style of visual expressionism with hyperreal colors, which influenced an entire generation of photographers, fashion designers and cinephiles. Leidmann's 'Foxy Lady' monograph was chosen by Vogue as one of the nine cult classic art books of the last five decades, and garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the New York Creative Directors Club Gold Award. Cheyco Leidmann works closely with his creative director Ypsitylla von Nazareth.

Curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn
'Couture Culture' September 18, 2015 through November 7, 2015

Cheyco Leidmann @ SNAP! Art Space ________ Slideshow & Artist-Talk

You left a strong personal imprint to everybody who was present that night, and I see its long lasting effect on social media, with many people who changed their profile picture or timeline to a photo of you and them.
Patrick Kahn

Cheyco Leidmann Artist-talk @ SNAP!ArtSpace

LEIDMANN AT SNAP! SPACE : 11 | 06 | 15
A fantastic and well attended evening at Snap! Space last night with legendary visual artist Cheyco Leidmann, along with his creative director Ypsitylla Von Nazareth, for an artist talk and book signing celebrating the 35th Anniversary of his series 'Foxy Lady.'
Thank you Cheyco, Ypsitylla, our Snap! team, and everyone who joined us!
Patrick and Holly Kahn

Cheyco Leidmann Exhibition @ SNAP!ArtSpace Orlando

Save The Date  
Foxy Lady  

SNAP! presents an evening with legendary visual artist
CHEYCO LEIDMANN, with an artist talk and book signing.

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Cheyco Leidmann Exhibition PREVIEW @ SNAP! ArtSpace Orlando

We are thrilled to feature works of legendary visual artist CHEYCO LEIDMANN, celebrating the 35th Anniversary of cult classic 'Foxy Lady' at our 'COUTURE CULTURE' exhibit, opening next Friday, September 18th ,2015, 7-10pm.
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Cheyco Leidmann Exhibition @ SNAP!Orlando

SAVE THE DATE:"coutureculture"
Sept 18 - Nov 7, 2015 
Cheyco Leidmann      Exhibition @ SNAP!Orlando
• Provocative images by artist CHEYCO LEIDMANN, celebrating the 35th Anniversary of ‘Foxy Lady.’

We are thrilled to feature works of legendary visual artist CHEYCO LEIDMANN, celebrating the 35th Anniversary of cult classic 'Foxy Lady' at our 'COUTURE CULTURE' exhibit,
opening next Friday, September 18th ,2015, 7-10pm.
In 1980, Cheyco Leidmann established a new cutting edge style of visual expressionism with hyperreal colors, which influenced an entire generation of photographers and fashion designer and cinephiles. Leidmann's 'Foxy Lady' monograph was chosen by Vogue as one of the nine cult classic art books of the last five decades, and garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the New York Creative Directors Club Gold Award. Cheyco Leidmann, and his creative director Ypsitylla von Nazareth, will be in attendance at opening night.
SNAP!Orlando  1013 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida
Curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn
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CHEYCO LEIDMANN@ CU1 Gallery DWNTWN Miami 'Translating Photography To Dance'

Cheyco Leidmann @ CU1 Gallery Miami   April 16, 2015  7-10pm
The Peter London Global Dance Company 
translates the work of contemporary photography to dance,accompanied by the Gary Thomas Jazz Trio

CHEYCO LEIDMANN -Historic Society Event @ CU1 Gallery DWTWN MIAMI

CU1 Gallery presents Cheyco Leidmann
Historic Society Event 
"Taste of Historic Downtown Miami 2015 "
April 10, 2015  6:30 - 9:00 pm
live music by Somewhat Hungover


@ CU1 Gallery Miami Downtown 
March 5 - April 30, 2015

Barbara Becker,Designer&Collector-Ypsitylla von Nazareth,Production

To celebrate the milestone, CU-1 Gallery has organized a fantastic Anniversary Exhibit, a sort of retrospective of the best artists featured over the past two years, including Cheyco Leidmann, arguably one of the world’s best and most influential visualist,and provocateur. 
Anniversary Exhibit opens March 4, 6:30-9:30pm with an exclusive collectors, media and members preview.
Marc Schmidt CU-1 GALLERY owner/curator


Exhibition on view dec 3 -march 15

"There will always be very few good works that will stand the test of time.The historically 'Foxy Lady'  is hardy enough to stand this test."

CHEYCO LEIDMANN @ CU-1 Gallery Miami during Art |Basel

Cheyco Leidmann Foxy Lady exhibition Dec 3 -March15
Images from Cheyco Leidmann's groundbreaking 1980s series Foxy Lady are on view in Eye to Eye, in the gallery's vault room. Leidmann's intensely colored and highly stylized images ushered in a new and influential style of visually expressionism in the 1980s. He sees his work as embracing the aesthetic tradition of l'art brut {low art}, eschewing traditional standards of beauty in favor of a more authentic and humanistic approach to image- making. In keeping with the nature of the images in the Foxy Lady series, which were shot on transparent film and with no manipulation, Eye to Eye displays the original images unframed and raw, anchored to the walls with magnets. Leidmann has published several books including Foxy Lady, which has become a cult classic. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.Accompanied by Ypsitylla von Nazareth,Leidmann lives and works between Paris and the United States.
Miss Sixty -
Foxy Lady Fashion Line

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A Touch of Class
By Raul Guerrero ,novelist.
The Securities building lodged one of Miami’s largest financial institutions, fostering the real estate boom of the 1920s. Banking was not what it is now, of course. The world was still ruled by the gold-standard, and to attest that distinct past,CU-1 gallery showcases in the large vault a new treasure, the photography of Cheyco Leidmann.

CHEYCO LEIDMANN "High Toxi-City" solo exhibition Galerie moretti & moretti Paris

15.11.- 8.12.2012
6,Cour Bérard 75004 Paris

Cheyco Leidmann Vernissage"High Toxi-City" at Galerie moretti & moretti, Paris

Exposition solo 16 nov.-8 dec. 2012
Ouverte désormais, après un vernissage brillant et très couru, l'exposition des oeuvres de Cheyco Leidmann à la Galerie moretti & moretti ( dans le quartier de la Place des Vosges ), constitue un vrai choc. Cent oeuvres, de grands tirages magnifiques, sont accrochées aux murs. Chacune est d'une vigueur inouïe. Époustouflante. Quelques unes sont très célèbres et ont fait des couvertures de grands magazines mondialement connus. Les tirages qui demeurent disponibles sont donc des raretés que les collectionneurs avertis devraient se disputer. Il faut absolument voir cette exposition qui dans les parages de Paris Photo est certainement une des plus fortes, des plus décapantes, des plus sulfureuses, des plus nécessaires.
Jacques Bouzerand ,Le Monde

Cheyco Leidmann"High Toxi-City" exhibition at Galerie moretti&moretti, Paris

Exhibition Nov 16 - Dec 8 2012
Galerie moretti & moretti   6,Cour Bérard  75004 Paris 

WaveGallery exhibits Cheyco Leidmann 'Zeta Nacht'

29.9.-11.11.2012 Wave Gallery Brescia,Italy
Cheyco Leidmann "Zeta Nacht "


Zeta Nacht
*Every breath, every step takes us to the dance of the golden calf; every breath, every step takes us toward the last night of the earth. *The false gods of materialism rise in the altars of the believers. Built on the colorful excesses of the 80s, the lure of the powerful illusions, delusions, Cheyco Leidmann seduces the virtueless, the believers to follow him as he strolls down the long nave toward the altarpiece, a triptych so full of lies and secrets, it shouts the truth for all to see. *Dance around the golden calf; worship and then slay your idols. The dead live on the shoulders of Brueghal, of Grunewald, dance with Nolde, stand in the high heels of the flamboyant Catherine de Medici. *Dance with the vapid sirens and mannequins who mean no harm; and yet they do harm as they, too, are sacrificed on the altar. Curls of barbed wire slither in and out of the garden among the models, the icons, the idols.
*Clear out the temple, clear the dance floor for the final dance of the zeta nacht. Blinded by arrows through the eyes, see what is within.
*Kneel penitents, kneel and pray to the suspended truths of greed and beauty before you dance off into the night with the golden calf while the militant apes guard the altar.
*Every breathe, every step takes us toward the last night of the earth. And the shadow of the earth eclipses the moon, as the shadows of the insensate rule the hordes.
*In destruction lies creation.        *Kill your idols.

Casting a light back onto the shadows showing up details in a visualized twilight theater about the struggle between reality and madness,the paradox of irony and illusion,confronted with the fact that we are "living at the edge of madness" this is 'Zeta Nacht'! The new black and red conceptual images by Cheyco Leidmann, never shown before and presented by the wave gallery, are glutted in their monochrome tones,on palettes of a piercing eroticism, they participate with all their heat to any kind of apocalyptic vision. Authentic,real and unrestrainedly brutal-though at first sight the brutality appears to remain concealed behind an aesthetic contemplation.The bodies enjoy and bleed at the same time.Screams of pleasure open fester wounds.The abyss of perversion is only revealed upon closer scrutiny.The beholder is equally captured in the image as are the morbid,seemingly mad figures in their fantasies.These fantasies are only unraveled slowly,by means of the lighting guiding the viewer through the picture and revealing gradually the fundamental aspects to him. Empty houses,windows without glass,reflect the desperateness,the finality of the situation.Faces without eyes,beetles and religious symbols with a depth of eroticism turn the image into a memento mori of our time. Some images create a mural-like,imposing complex composition confronting issues critical to contemporary urbanism.Flux and reflux capture the world in a state of chaos.The event manifests an encounter between two views.One demonstrating Cheyco Leidmann's commitment to this new interpretation of neo-visualism,including a specific triptych constellation composed of multiple images and the other showing his hard-core color classics.It is a dialogue of true substance which should inspire the viewers eyes,thoughts and emotions seeing the truth of the picture , which by then is no longer just in black and white.Creative collaborator Ypsitylla von Nazareth accompanies Cheyco Leidmann.

Cheyco Leidmann Exposition@ CentralDuponEspace,Paris


Cheyco Leidmann Foxy Lady
“Each frame has its own pacing, rules, and emotions, reflecting the specific time.” -CL
Cheyco Leidmann established a cutting edge style of visual expressionism with hyper-real colors that leap off the page and sear the brain with Foxy Lady.Each picture invents a provocative, jarring story that begs for an interpretation. From the harsh desert landscapes of the American Wild West to pristine polar locations; from the marshes of the Camargue to cityscapes as New York, these images feature the surreal stiletto-heeled, latex-clad women who challenge the viewer to read the images as unique events. Leidmann shot women without revealing their faces or heads, forcing the viewer to interpret the exposures through the body language, the codes, which women use to speak to onlookers. In Foxy Lady, familiar vistas become nightmares of sensuality and sexual symbolism. Leidmann’s compositions harken back to Picasso’s three-eyed women; Ken Russell’s The Devils; Dali’s The Persistence of Memory; and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
“Color must be able to shock, like an avalanche.”-CL
After his film academy and screenplay writing period and before home PCs, before photoshopping,before photo manipulation, Leidmann rocked the world of photography with his seminal, groundbreaking work. The profusion of color dazzles with a splendor that stimulates the viewer’s visual cortex. The skies blaze like supercharged neon. Though these colors are common in the 21st Century, they were ultramodern in 1980. His vibrant palette , filled with pure tones-tyrian purple,steel gray,cobalt blue, rally red or yellow as bright as gold nuggets, focuses on women as conceptual works of art. Leidmann promotes their vital energy. His women rebel against convention; they show off a decadent sophistication, an aggressive eroticism. Cheyco Leidmann's trademark name stands for the strength and power of the images and the quality and vigor of his work .His masterpiece bestseller Foxy Lady, an event in the universe of publishing,was chosen by Vogue as one of nine cult classic books of the last five decades.Foxy Lady continues to have a worldwide impact. Its often-reproduced images have influenced a generation of photographers, musicians, film-makers, designers, artists and creative directors. It remains immediately recognizable. Cheyco Leidmann lives and works in Paris and the USA with his collaborator Ypsitylla Von Nazareth.
C H E Y C O L E I D M A N NFOXY LADY Cheyco Leidmann vit et travaille entre les Etats-Unis et la France avec sa collaboratrice crèative Ypsitylla von Nazareth. Dans ses oeuvres, il met en scène un univers érotique et burlesque : son théâtre emprunte des chemins fantastiques et surréalistes où le spectateur est invité à pénétrer avec humour. Ces représentations souvent dérangeantes, parfois cauchemardesques, renvoient aux tabous de notre société, aux vices des hommes et à l’actualité brûlante. Cheyco Leidmann dit lui-même: « Je révèle l’importance de l’abîme. J’essaie de mettre en scène l’absurdité de notre époque (…) Quand mon travail réussit à capter l’attention, j’ai le sentiment d’avoir accompli ma mission ».
Dans la série «Foxy Lady», loin de toute vision apocalyptique, Cheyco Leidmann se joue ainsi de nos stéréotypes et de nos fantasmes: ses images surexposées, aux contrastes acidulés peignent un portrait du féminin où la séduction côtoie la violence, où l’exubérance s’affiche avec ironie. Cheyco Leidmann nous offre un lumineux voyage dans la culture américaine.
La mélodie de Jimi Hendrix n’est pas loin, l’imaginaire nous porte, entre glamour et décadence.

CHEYCO LEIDMANN St.Moritz Art Masters 2012

SAM-Exhibition "The Expression Of Identity"
Cheyco Leidmann lives and works between Paris and the USA. He is clearly someone who doesn't want to be defined by biographic elements,but through his work which is the essential. His career crosses diverse mediums such as film,screenplay writing,performance,assigned stills mostly on the wicked side. Leidmann's work revels in excess and contradiction;it explores the mysteries that surround him.His first publication the worldwide cult bestseller *Foxy Lady*,seven monographs followed, established an immediately recognizable new visual style of magical images of cutting edge expressionism. He stages a grotesque world,prompting the viewer to enter his erotic and burlesque theater,creating an unreal universe where dreams,fantasies and reality meet and imposes once eyes exposing an American environment of subtle banality which in the end turnes monstrous.A place populated by voluptuous women in oversized stilettos,with bodies wearing tight hyper color clothes,in provocative poses next to cars,tied up and faces mutilated to make them unrecognizable.Leidmann's images have become a 'trademark' and although his style got copied,admired,criticized,it grew and remains immediately recognizable amongst all.He marked the universe of photography with his hyperreal explosive palette of colors,his impudence,and his provocations.As street art relays a suggestion of aerosol art's dynamic contemporary energy beginning with illegal graffiti and outdoor murals by pop surrealists,so used Leidmann the constructs when creating his timeless urban scenes.His works have been part of this evolving graffiti-art border community since the 80s always provokng conversation. Today Cheyco Leidmann is different from the Leidmann we've gotten used to.His work incites the viewer more than ever,but he has replaced his tongue-in- cheek playfulness with the hard edges of anguish and expectancy.In his new monograph TOXYTT he imposes his vision of the real world with an angle of anxiety,anticipation and the painful discontinuity between the reassuring darkness of the earth and the hostile light.His success with the public has never been denied. The work has garnered several prestigious awards,amongst them the New York Creative Directors Club Gold Award. Cheyco Leidmann is accompanied by his creative collaborator Ypsitylla von Nazareth.

CHEYCO LEIDMANN Tantatrysk Exhibition **********La Lune en Parachute 2012

Cheyco Leidmann’s solo exhibition of TANTATRYSK is scheduled from 03 February to 17 March 2012 at La Lune En Parachute Contemporary Art Space, spanning an area of 6500 sq.ft(600 m²) on two levels in Epinal.
The vast contemporary art gallery La Lune En Parachute presents local as well as the greatest international contemporary artists. Bob Jeudy, founder of La Lune En Parachute, curates TANTATRYSK.
Cheyco Leidmann’s project «TANTATRYSK» consists of 75 works which resemble retrospective,current and unpublished images printed partially in large scale. Cheyco Leidmann creates an unreal world in which he juxtaposes dreams and fantasies with reality. His nightmarish vision of strange situations sets up an universe of a delusional and apocalyptic world, sometimes with a notion of cynicism and black humor.
With new images he continues to tackle social demons; he observes reality and exempts it from its trickery to reveal the absurdity and perversion of the time. Cheyco Leidmann is accompanied by his creative collaborator Ypsitylla von Nazareth.
La Lune En Parachute art contemporain, La Plomberie 88000 EPINAL
Exposition solo de Cheyco Leidmann, programmée du 03 février au 17 mars 2012 à La Lune En Parachute art contemporain , un espace de 600 m² au deux niveaux,à Epinal. L'immense galerie d'art contemporain La Lune En Parachute présente parmi les plus grands artistes contemporains internationaux .Bob Jeudy, fondateur de La Lune En Parachute, est le commissaire de cette exposition.
«TANTATRYSK» le projet de Cheyco Leidmann se compose de 75 œuvres qui recueille des images rétrospectives,mais essentiellement des images actuelles et inédites ,tiré en autre en grands formats. Cheyco Leidmann crée un univers irréel ou se mêlent rêves, fantasmes et réalité.Il peint une vision cauchemardesque, les situations étranges et mis en scène une univers délirantes et apocalyptiques, quelque fois avec une notion de cynisme et d'humour noire. Avec ses nouvelles images il continue de s'attaquer aux démons sociaux, il observe la réalité et la débarrasse de ses artifices pour n'en révéler que la perversion et l'absurdité de l'époque.Cheyco Leidmann est accompagné par sa collaboratrice créative Ypsitylla von Nazareth.
Teetering along the razor’s edge, we face the duality of choices. Which is better, which is worse? On this magic carpet ride, who is caged, who is free?

The bluest of blue skies cannot obscure the perverted beauty of desolation, of desperation as the glossy, bloodstained lips of the cracked-out prima ballerina bend into a smile while the rubble piles up. The beauty queens wrapped in barbed wire must know the questions before they can seek the answers. Ora pro nobis.

Don’t be blinded by the lust in the foreground to the fact that armadillos parade by the windows, marching in neat virulent rows, whispering, snorting, shedding their armor behind them.

Life whizzes by as fast as the zebra gallops; we waltz around in our brazen masquerade: red, passionate, vulgar display of life. From whom do we hide?

The birds of prey, the unapologetic angels with their stilettos made of steel, and curled bloodshot talons, scream as the stigmata oozes from their skins, their souls. The hidden traumas manifest in the blood of life. Leather and latex protect the phallic cactus spikes. Ora pro nobis.

The ghosts of the New Orleans jazz funeral wail an elegy of sorrow and glee. The saxophonist ushers in the dead, the near-dead, the stalwart, crucified masses pulled out of the muck and mire of capitalistic greed. Not everyone feels the pull of gravity. Ora pro nobis.

A man worships the sunworshippers, beached goddesses on sandy towels. The sun tans us, bleaches us, fades us like the graffiti that we are. While we wilt, others observe, testify, turn away. Voyeurs peer through the windows, witness our most intimate moments, our tantric rituals.

Eyes are tools. Eyes are weapons. Eyes expose one angle of reality. The closed doors and windows hide the truths. Open the doors, seek truth, if you can, if you dare.

The deafening keen of the sirens diminishes in the aftermath of the neon night, when bodies separate from corpses. The bells toll in the distance, the inescapable clanging. Ora pro nobis.

On the dark side of the alley, the fluttering wings of an angel resemble, too closely, the pigeon’s flapping wings in the choreography of her dance of death. Death is the ultimate performance. Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Ora pro nobis.
Melissa Burley,writer