Visuality is not technical,but something which is forged essentially out of experience and perception.Creativity.Too obvious use of technical effects would be counterpruductive.Milling on the kitchen's deskOptical material :
The Nikkor 13mm f/5,6 with serial number 175044 is one of the rarest 36 exemplars produced in "K" form ("Ai"body shape without "Ai"exposure meter coupling) between December 1975 and June 1977.Designed by Ikuo Mori,it is Nikon's greatest lens. Not only is it big (with pol 1800gram) and supremely expensive, it is Nikon's greatest lens because it allows to make images one can make not do any other way.The 13mm is the world's widest non-distorting professional lens ever made, by anyone, in any format with a picture angle of 118°(peripheral vision closest to a human eye and therefore contributinting towards a portrayal of realism). It allows to get closer to subjects, stretch distances and create images from perspectives otherwise unimaginable.Value for collectors up to $20.000 ( € 13.900) or more.
The rare Nikkor 18mm f/4 follows the same path:the lens with serial number 173240 belongs to a batch of 4.277 exemplars produced between November 1974 and spring 1977 with "K" specs,conceived to couple with the iris ring's fork to the Photomic exposure meters.Geometric distortion is low with excellent image quality and high pictorial value. In conjunction with numerous genuine homemade filters,Wratten filters,enhancement filters and bayonet filters.