Interview B&W Magazine Australia

Why do you conduct interviews via email?>>No cellphone.Always running the never sleeping streets.
Is pornography raw material or an art form in disguise?>>A certain group of people consider artworks such as 'Michelangelo's
David' as pornographic.The base manner how pornography is produced is raw and has a low artistic meril with no disguise.That might change.
If someone described your work as pornographic,what would your reaction be?
>>If it would be pornographic,your magazine would be a so called
'adult magazine'.This is not the case.My images are not produced for sexual stimulation.
My favorite image in SEX is BLUE is of a woman apparently defecating on the pavement.Is there comic intent in your work?>>If you consider that defecation is causing mirth,yes.Other than that my work lives on the tragedy side.
Some women I showed SEX is BLUE to found its portrayal of women offensive. Are you concerned that your work might be viewed as sexist?
>>I don't think any work can be viewed as a sexist.It has to be connected to a person.Chauvinistic,discriminatory believing in the inferiority of women. My values are not based on this.The contrary is the case.Its about deep respect.
Is there any remaining distinction between "art" and "commercial" photography?>>There is a crossing.After all art is about selling.Yet sliding between the art and commercial genres between disturbance and slickness is not on my agenda.
Your work has recurring themes and imagery that share much with the work of the early surrealists (Ernst, Bellmer ) .Do you see yourself as within any continuum of art/photographic history? Which/why? Why not?>>In respect of deceased artists.No. I live on a daily basis.History is not the source of my energy. Continuum is not an issue.
Why the title? Why is "sex blue?"
>>It is the energetic polarisation of both.Blue water impersonates the female,blue skies the male principal.I worship both nature elements. It also evokes my dreamlike vision. The mathematic code is:SEX is BLUE. SEX is BLUE was accomplished with artistpartner

Ypsitylla von Nazareth. Brendan Shanahan