Interview PHOTO - TOXYTT

Interview by Agnes Gregoire
This great artist who market the universe of photography by his colors,his impudence and his provocations,is today demanded by the art market.Cheyco,your new pictures mark a decisive point in your career,isn't it? Even if your 'Toxytt Visualism' is still strong and present! - It is Toxytt Visualism! Not a turning point.The contrary: I pick up.
Your pictures are an explosive mixture of irrealism and realism.Your images with homeless people.What do you want to express?- The images are directed reality.A film frozen at the most dramatic moment.
I saw what life dominates:sex and violence.Not showing means turning away and this is cowardly. Where did you met homeless people? In France or in USA? Can you tell me a little bit of your meetings with those people? Did you spent some time with them?- I meet eyes and the darkness they express.
I meet fear clicking anger and aggression.
I meet moral neglected individuals
I meet me.
Your photography presents a nightmare world full of violence and animality. What do you think about the world today? Is it a political message?- The real violence on our planet can not be visually topped.Trying to
get close as possible to this reality is the message.
The last time Photo has published your pictures (SEX is BLUE).Photo was censored in Switzerland.What was your reaction?- Centuries ago art was full of nudes peeing and shitting.This is realism.I do not provoke for the sake of provocation.Executing censorship by not allowing images to be seen is rejecting freedom of speech.
What gives you most pleasure in your work?- To cross borderlines,going further,never stopping.
It's the first time,with those pictures,that you are in an art gallery.- Yes for 'Toxytt Visualism' it is.Pascal Vanhoecke presents the works in his new exhibition space as an affirmation of the gallery's commitment to actual art.
Give me one of your dreams- Being 24 and able to continue working with my artist partner Ypsitylla von Nazareth.