Interview PHOTO- SEX is BLUE

Interview for Photo By Agnes GregoireFor CHEYCO LEIDMANN << SEX IS BLUE>>
An event in the universe of publishing,the new book of Cheyco Leidmann.He
presents his recent and unpublished works.The author of the cultbook FOXY LADY
follows up his unique work,more provocant than ever.The master of colors continues to influence generations of photographers.Interview with a great artist who has his own recognizable style:< TOXYTT VISUALISM >.
What does this book,which is your 7th book,represent for you?
Certainly not a continuum.It is my diary of now.
"SEX is BLUE" is being published in several countries(which ones) with TeNeues.
Where do you live Cheyco? In Paris,USA?
What places do you appreciate and for what reasons?
In energetic places.Amongst is Paris.
Magnetic ones either negative or positive.Those I try to be part of for the sake of their polarization.
How did you design "SEX is BLUE" ?
I don't design a book nor the idea to do one.I catch,reflect and tell visually what I see to keep my mind and body moving every day. From time to time a portion of this work created during a long timespan is presented in a book or is published in other mediums.Variation occur.SEX is BLUE consists of unpublished works.
You have marked the history of photography with your style,which is immediately recognizable. Your style has influenced several generations of photographers.In 'SEX is BLUE' we are delighted to recognize it but this time,pornography and violence have appeared.Please tell us why?Out of the blue,there is no why.There is no sexual presentation in a base manner.There is no contribution which could lead to the conclusion that any of the images is pornography. And it is not intented to be.There is no outlet in thinking in this direction.
There's almost no text,and no caption,no date in this book.
It's about timeless visuals not text.Any caption would die in humble explanation.One has to read the images with all the detailed information,symbols and codes embeded in them.
You have never used effects in your images.Has the arrival of digital technology changed anything for you?
Visuality is not technical.I am not interested in an aesthetic quality of digi imaging.But new experience is a floating process not deniable.
The world described in 'SEX is BLUE' is hard,uncompromising,men and women often without heads, empty streets...where has pleasure gone to? Is this the way Cheyco views today's society?
The streets I run are not overloaded with pleasure.It's a very real brutal
diversity beyond decadence.
We can't mention Cheyco Leidmann without Ypsitylla von Nazareth.Can we learn more on this extraordinary team and on this love story?You hit the essential.It cannot be explained better.
You have once told us that your own private secret was black and white.Is this still true today?
Yes,when the light is off.
Are you still making films?
SEX is BLUE is a film.Freezed frame by frame upholding my idea of a visual before and after.
You have told us ' photography work is not an art ',do you still think so?Intenser than ever. The term 'art' became unpleasant inflationary.
A sticker,a price tag,a manipulation tool.
The more somebody thinks about his own work as art the less it is. Only a real statement of the image can be considered as art.
You are the real master of colors,are you still also a master for perfection?
I am a perfectionist in imperfection.
What materials do you use?
The how's are totally irrelevant for the emotional impact and outcome of an image.
What are your projects?
The ongoing constant new invention of myself.Persuing Toxytt Visulalism and as such a new project is in the make about which I don't want to talk until it's in cement.
What is your favorite book?
One of them Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas".