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THE DEERHUNTING STORY (DHS) is the first Y2K VIRTUAL BOOK of  the Cheyco Leidmann book series .This book presents Cheyco Leidmann's contemporary work in the ever changing world of erotic visuals. It explores his new vision in 130 innovative and intriuing images. Production:Ypsitylla von Nazareth ____________________________
- Cutting
  Letme out here!!! A moment of pain and blood far from the reassuring darkness of the earth.Before entering the hostile splendor of the light, there is a suddenseperation created by a demon's scissors at the edge of a dream.Lightand darkness;and a demon who knows the cycle ofLife. This emptiness is THE DEERHUNTINGSTORY by Cheyco Leidmann


Excelsior MexicoDuran Duran The inspiration for the 'Rio" video came from a book that Russell owned.Foxy Lady by photographer Cheyco Leidmann.Based on very sensual women, was totally iconic of the 80s,with lots of color, very creative, playful. That work was the starting point for making the video. The photographs were provocative: jarring, high-contrast neon colors, surrealist images of girls on beaches with milky oceans, girls with razors and shaving foam giving an impression of bright and decadent sophistication. It was a surprisingly controversial, polarizing video. it became the most iconic video.
John Taylor,bass and guitarist of DuranDuran.
Adam Selman 
When it comes to the mega fashion force that is Rihanna, it's he that craft her looks. Where do the ideas for Rihanna's costumes begin? For the Loud tour I was super inspired by the photographer Cheyco Leidmann -all of those bright poppy colors he used in his work. Throughout the Loud tour, Debbie Harry also played a huge role. Adam Selman,designer,New York _____________________________________________________ I got in touch with your amazing work nine years ago in London , a Dover Street Market guy suggested strongly your book Foxy Lady as something
special and it was! From then is been a reference for me and, as you
probably have seen many times, to many others which took inspiration and sometimes just copied in FULL your work. ...big todays names as you probably know...;) But that is something to be very proud!!!
Giovanni Aponte, unFLOP Editor,Milan

...... I was, though, quite taken with the work of Magritte but wasn’t quite sure how it could be translated to photography because I thought what works in painting may not necessarily work in photography. I then came across the work of first Cheyco Leidmann, then Guy Bourdin. Leidmann’s work was graphic and very colorful and there was nearly always some sort of surrealist incident in them – a thrown cat or a stuffed zebra out in the desert. In one of his books he even had the technical details of each shot. I analyzed the pictures to try to work out why they were so super saturated. ... When I had eventually digested all this and finally went out to take pictures, it was these three people who were at the front of my mind: Magritte, Bourdin and Leidmann. Alva Bernadine ,London
With Winter just one step away we've decided to turn the heat up.For example ,we've got a red hot gallery of new photographs by Cheyco Leidmann.You've seen his work before and there are a lot of shooters trying to imitate his cutting-edge surreal style,but there's only one Cheyco. Zoom Street Gallery Back Street____________________________

Mika's addiction to color

In the past seven years one of the most acclaimed Japanese
photographer, Mika Ninagawa, published several books achiving
best selling success thanks to her unique style which may
remind Cheyco Leidmann's for the intense and saturated colors.

Veronique Leroy Fashion"Cheyco's photos and style of how women present it,inspired me for my collections." Veronique Leroy,fashion designer.
new collection….more/less inspired by klaus nomi and cheyco leidmann
KandieKlicke, HH

Now that I've had time to go through the 'TOXYTT' book several times, I can say out loud what a masterpiece it is.
I mean in 2009, Cheyco Leidmann is still pure avant garde, and totally connected to the present. Kids should learn from it - your work is more modern and relevant than many of theirs. Alex Jestaire,writer

"I had a visitor who was a student in photography in the 80' s when Foxy Lady came out and he told me about it, how strong it was because you were presenting a completely new style that didn't' exist before! "Sophie Grigliatti-Bey,Coordinatrice culturelle,ART Center, Epinal

Cheyco Leidmann qui expose des tirages anciens et récents Galerie de l'Europe au 55, de la rue de Seine
En 1980, j'avais aimé ces images agressives aux couleurs violentes, où les femmes hyper-sexy perchées sur des talons aiguilles, aux ongles rouges vifs jouent sur un décor américain: vitrines , bagnoles, et ciels bleu dur, macadam, piscines, palmiers, tous les symboles d'une Amérique mythologique qui s'étale à l'ouest. Leidmann développait à l'époque un univers pop, d'un hyper réalisme grotesque presque surréaliste. Les oeuvres récentes de Cheyco Leidmann sont nettement plus violentes, plus agressives et présentent le portrait d'une société hanté par la violence, des images qui renvoient aux névroses et déviances d'une humanité en liquidation. Jelin,Paris

I was much impressed by the strength and power of these images,by the quality and the vigor of your work.Stan Barets,editor,Paris
Cerrone also returned to the erotic album covers, using an existing Cheyco Leidmann photograph of a bare-breasted blonde in a lawnchair, and inserting himself in the photograph.

EPE..venez decouvrir un de plus grand artist de notre epoque...
Massimo Capodieci


Your pictures are worldclass.Christian Sebald,Cinematographer,LosAngeles
I am deeply impressed by your photography.
Eun-Joo Choi,editor,Seoul

estupenda imagen...me recuerda el color de las primeras fotografias de Cheyco Leidmann y su colaborador Von Nazareth, sombras durisimas y colores vibrantes, que le lanzaron al estrellato, en fin....un foton labruixa, un saludo.

Du coté de Cheyco...
Bon, comme c'est service minimum en ce moment sur ce blog, je vous propose d'aller découvrir l'un de mes maîtres photographes ici.
Une débauche de couleurs saturées à l'extrême bien avant le numérique, un univers provocant et jamais vulgaire, le peintre des cauchemars d'une Amérique qui n'existe que sous les néons...Brèves de Guadeloupe
Pour ouvrir cette section très colorée, Cheyco Leidmann s'imposait. Pour vous, ce grand chorégraphe de la couleur analyse et philosophe sur ces nuances de lumière et d'esthétisme que vous parvenez à maîtriser. Sim
Admire your unbelievable work. Willy Brunner,filmdirector,Munich
Cheyco was one of the strongest visual imprintings of my youth and I LOVE his pictures. When I was a 15-16 y.o. child I forged my visual/photographic imprinting for colors and perspective upon his stunning images from the series Foxy Lady and Bananasplit and my style in color pictures was always influenced by his mood.Marco Cavina,Scientist, Italy

....per il colore i riferimenti il mio amico Cheyco Leidmann al quale debbo molto per quanto mi ha insegnato. A Osilo,Italy
Je ne suis pas tellement le travail des photographes,mais si je dois me dire influencé
par quelqu'un,je dirai Cheyco Leidmann.
Cheyco Leidmann. J'aime beaucoup son travail .
Phillippe Chevallier,moitié du duo comique Chevallier et Laspalès.

Cheyco Leidmann, un coloriste, metteur en scène, provocateur, baroque et surréaliste !.. Sex & Color !Ca décape !
Bonne visites (mais pas beaucoup de tofs)


You are revolutionaries.I want to be part of the revolution.
Cindy King,actress,Los Angeles

Jasper Goodall currently based in Sussex where he teaches illustration at his old alma mater of Brighton University, has kindly taken some time to have a wee chat with Fiasco. What's inspiring you at the moment? Lots of strange fashion and product photography from the 80's like old Cheyco Leidmann shots....
-J’ai ainsi au cours de toutes ces années fait des dizaines de milliers de photographies avec une recherche permanente des couleurs pétantes, filtrées, plastifiées à l’extrême. Mon idole d’alors Cheyco Leidmann.
Mon évolution photographique = Passer de Cheyco Leidmann à Doisneau.Du net et ultra-net, coloré à outrance, à du N&B ou net ou flou.

What a tremendous amount of effort must have gone into the creation of these images!Congratulations of an bold,artistic idea.Randy Phillips,resortowner,Holualoa,Hawaii
Your images made a deep impression on me. -
Sandanori Nomura,writer,Tokyo
I rarely want to sit and watch a movie again and again. But I can pick up my copy of Ansel Adams Monographs, a Minor White collection, or my old dog eared Cheyco Leidmann book and enjoy a few quite moments.
Don Giannatti,Writer Arizona

Wow,wild stuff!Very cool. Genevieve Field, editor,New York
Spectacular work.Absolutely fabulous,I'll congratulate on the same.Keep inspiring. Jatin Kam,New Dehli

Thanks Cheyco! it's strong imagery, one step beyond...
Darius Koehli, gallery director,Barcelone

It's fucking shocking ! It's fucking good !! Well done !
It deserves a one man show world tour !!
Sergio Alvarez,entreprneur,Paris
Your work,it's stunning.Helps me think out of the ordinary.

Ed Swanzey,Bremento
Da vedere...da vedere... da vedere....da vedere... da vedere... da vedere... da vedere... da vedere... da vedere... da vedere... da vedere... da vedere...
Credo di essere stato chiaro. Mi è piaciuta .
Emanuele Broli,journalist,Milano
When I can, I try in general to advertise for M-Elen Mark, and Cheyco Leidmann, the King of Color saturation and one of the "madest" & most talented ULTRA-WILD photographers I've seen so far...:-) Marc G
Cependant, face aux très beaux modèles de Guy Bourdin et ses images polies, léchées, je préfère les tofs déjantées de Cheyco Leidmann qui reflètent sans doute les travers, angoisses... de notre monde ! Jay Dee

All amazing photographers. I think two of today’s greatest photographers are Andres Serrano and Cheyco Leidmann. DeadPostman
Não, não vos vou mandar ver um filme no Youtube, nem vos vou mandar ver um site. A imagem postada, é na realidadade "roubada" ao Youtube, mas é só por causa do "senhor" que lá está: Cheyco Leidmann. Acreditem, o senhor em questão foi um dos mais inovadores fotógrafos a nivel mundial, na década de 80. Eu nessa época admirei as suas imagens. Leidmann era genial, foi um dos percussores do que hoje chamamos "guerilla shooting", ou seja trazer iluminação para a rua. Fotografava a cor com grande e as suas imagens completamente encenadas, tinham uma cor incrivel e uma enorme força. Mas isso eram os anos 80....
Rui Soares Esteves ,Lisbon

As a result, you had red water middle of a normal scenary... Can you beat that ? Well, Cheyco Leidmann did, as he painted a complete hill in blue!!! :-) (By the way, too bad really that Photoshop wasn't on sale yet ! :-) As you might know anyway, Cheyco Leidmann uses natural backgrounds in the most unbelievable way, to basically oppose nature and a certain (sexy or foxy) culture - which always takes place in a pure paint-like environment...Mark
Le Figaro Toxytt exposition
C'était l'exposition qui m'a le plus inspiré. Cheyco Leidmann est un artiste de haute niveau qui a vraiment de chose à dire.Merci.
It was the exhibition that inspires me the most. Cheyco Leidmann is an artist of high level who really has something to say.Merci.
Martin, Paris _____________________________________________________
Alors ça n'a rien à voir avec les comics, mais cette photo de Cheyco Leidmann (exposé à la galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, 21 rue des filles du calvaire à Paris jusqu'au 18 octobre) à fait vibrer mon coeur de geek. Le justaucorps, la grosse ceinture, oui, j'avais l'impression de voir une super héroïne prendre corps dans une amérique de caravanes et de berlines. A noter la bonne initiative lors du vernissage jeudi dernier de faire jouer les Katzenjammer Kabarett (goth cabaret).
La peur qui remplace la réflexion. Des salariés maintenus sous pression persuadés que s’ils n’obéissent pas, ils se retrouveront sous les ponts comme les sans-abri, la peur est entretenue. Quand -Pourquoi êtes-vous pauvres ?- est sorti, à Paris une exposition de Cheyco Leidmann qui présentait -toxytt- de grandes photos aux couleurs très vives qui révèlent des gens très pauvres, la dégradation physique de l’ humain -le toxyttism- défini par l’artiste comme la perte de l’humanité.
Marylin Rolland
Vive y trabaja entre Paris y Miami. Famoso ya en los años ochenta por su tratamiento del color, tiene un largo curriculum de trabajos y publicaciones. Acaba de publicar "Sex is Blue", su séptimo libro (después de Foxy Lady, Banana Split etc.). Tiene un estilo reconocible de inmediato, por la fuerza de sus composiciones magistrales y sus colores hyper-saturados. Explora visualmente un mundo imaginario del sexo, con ironía e imaginación, llevándolo a una especie de tierra de nadie. Perverso, alucinante y extremo.
Aprés 20 ans d'attaques cardiaques à chaque lecture de Zoom ou Photo, je viens de trouver LE livre qui cloturera définitivement ce chapitre de ma quête ( oui, rien que ça) : Foxy Lady, de Cheyco Leidmann.
Gros choc des couleurs, compos sur fond de soleil fluo et ciel bleu électrique et bien sûr, pléthore de filles-objets, grosses pétasses en chaleur.
M.Leidmann sévit toujours, avec beaucoup moins de réussite : dépouillé du charme des 80's son style est juste vulgos et soit-dit en passant, le mec a l'air d'être un sacré connard. On s'en fout, le bouquin incarne une époque.

Fashion Installation, Athens


While the fashion industry is promoting fetish style, trying to transform us into hot, wild mistresses, there are some others who take these ideas and transform them into high level, conceptual artworks. In the case of Cheyco Leidmann, ideas such as BDSM, fetishism, pain, pleasure and sexuality are driven to another dimension through his photographic lens.
Leidmann's artwork features the most outrageous, provocative and shocking characters, from transvestites and prostitutes to drug users and homeless beggars. However, his strong use of colour and light with erotic aggressiveness make his pictures so appealing that it's almost impossible to take your eyes away from them.
His fabulous styles are going under the signature of his creative collaborator Ypsitylla Von Nazareth, who chooses the most outstanding outfits for his shots.
In the recent years, Leidmann's style has become more politically - sensitive with provocative and disturbing images, overshowing the toxicity of today's life.
He has created eight award winning and best seller books and his work has been exhibited in the greatest galleries around the world. His photographic style is widely recognizable and has affected many famous photographers, film directors and artists.
Below you can have a look at an interesting video of the artist himself talking about his renowned book Toxytt: <

Cheyco Leidmann's Eroticism

On Cheyco Leidmann's (Disturbing Yet Inspiring) Neon Eroticism When I was a young girl it wasn’t so rare to find Cheyco Leidmann’s images in many different Italian publications. His work was indeed published on art, lifestyle, fashion and photography magazines. There were occasional images of American landscapes and neon signs, swimming pools and secluded beaches, hotel and motel buildings, bits and pieces of shiny pink Cadillacs and models leaning against them, yet the most popular photographs you were most likely to stumble upon featured details of the body of models clad in brightly colourful leggings, bodysuits and miniskirts and wearing vertiginous stilettos.
I was obviously too young to read the aggressively erotic message behind those images, in fact I think I was more mesmerised by the vivid shades of the miniskirts, the oversized polka dots, the black and yellow painted hands of a model highlighted on an electric blue background or the detail of a model's ear painted in blood red and decorated with tribal black dots.The images went along well with the sort of aesthetic that was in fashion at the time (for example Fiorucci’s, even though the latter was obviously more toned down) and they fascinated me for their eye-grabbing visual power, for thseir neon colours that clashed one with the other, hitting the retina, sparking your imagination.
It was only after I grew up that I discovered Leidmann’s more controversial, explicit and disturbing images such as the ones collected in the volume Toxytt.
My early memories of Leidmann’s images made sure I kept on being attracted by his world, even when his visually striking images looked more disturbing than fashionable. In fact Leidmann’s explicitly erotic aggressiveness became rather popular in fashion photography, while some of the garments featured in his images – think about the bright yellow, aqua green or red PVC and latex suits, skirts and leggings – became a constant obsession of many stylists.
In the 1980s Leidmann claimed fashion photography in Europe was lying in a critical condition and things were even worse in the States where the financial crisis had made things even harder. According to him not many photographers felt like risking their career to create innovative images and ended up producing safe pictures often inspired by the more iconic photographers of the past. After spawning designers who had brought innovation into fashion, Leidmann claimed at the time, Japan would have led a genuine revolution in photography. The revolution in the end came from different countries, with many visual artists and photographers creating thought-provoking and strong images.
Yet even in our times that offer us all the possibility of taking pictures characterised by a powerful rainbow-like chromatic scale, a magic box of digital crayons, I often struggle to find that perfectly balanced degree of inspiring sentimental and garish neon coloured eroticism that early fashion images shot by Leidmann still manage to retain. Anna Battista


tv producer Greg Mills is a Production Company and Agency Producer. Set up new London based production company, Voyager Film with strong connections throughout the rest of Europe. Voyager was one of the first production companies in London to successfully represent foreign directors for UK .Greg lived in Los Angeles for three years setting up offices for the Lewin and Matthews Production Company in both New York and Los Angeles, producing for directors Nick Lewin, Chris Springhall, Ross Cramer and Duffy.Other directors he has worked with include Terry Green, John Krish, Lindsay Dale, James Dearden, Sid Roberson, Tony McGee, Kevin Moloney, Nigel Cole, Brian Mindel and Peter Suschitsky as well as Tony Scott, Cheyco Leidmann, Martin Lambie-Nairn, Mike Cozens and Roger Lyons.
  Cheyco Leidmann shooting

Film Beat New York

Cheyco Leidmann censuré

Cheyco Leidmann censuré
GENEVE, 4 août (XINHUANET) -- Les distributeurs suisses des magazines ont décidé de ne pas mettre en vente le numéro de juillet-août de la revue française "Photo" contenant des images qui contreviennent à l'article 197 du code pénal suisse sur la pornographie.
Dans son édition de juillet-août, la revue spécialisée dans la photographie publie un portefolio des travaux de l'artiste américain Cheyco Leidmann. Des images comprennent des excréments humains, a expliqué jeudi Georges Zahnd, chef de produit chez Naville Presse. "Nous contrôlons les magazines susceptibles d'avoir des éléments visuels contraires à la loi", a ajouté M. Zahnd. Le distributeur tombe en effet sous le coup de l'article 197 du code pénal pour avoir rendu accessible des images litigieuses. Fin
Sex is BLUE monograph
exposition APPOTYCMA 


Frankfurt Book Fair SILICON



Cheyco Leidmann SILICON for Rolling Stone

Cheyco Leidmann SILICON for Rolling Stone


Barcelona.La carrera de Cheyco Leidmann ha recorrido diversos géneros como el cine, escribiendo guiones, artes escénicas , y fotos asignadas. Su nombre de marca como un artista visual, representa la fuerza y el poder de las imágenes y la calidad y el vigor de su obra. El trabajo de Leidmann se deleita en el exceso y la contradicción; explora los misterios que lo rodean. En la década de 1980, con la publicación de su monografía best-seller , "Foxy Lady", Leidmann estableció un nuevo estilo visual expresionista de punta. Él marcó el universo de la fotografía con sus colores ultra realistas, su imprudencia, y sus provocaciones. Él ha influido cineastas, directores creativos, diseñadores, músicos y una generación de fotógrafos. Aunque su estilo ha sido copiado, admirado, criticado, su estilo se desarrolló y sigue siendo inmediatamente reconocible entre todos.
Cheyco Leidmann SILICON Daniel Azoulay Gallery Miami




Acabo con otro fotógrafo provocativo cuya obra surrealista, llena de colorido y sensualidad obtuvo renombre internacionalmente a partir de los años 80. Luces de neón, coches, vivos colores y sexo son algunas de las características que determinan el trabajo de este profesional Cheyco Leidmann, que reparte su tiempo entre París y los Estados Unidos y se beneficia de la inestimable ayuda de su colaboradora Ypsitylla von Nazareth.KP, Spain ____________________________________________________
Tu ne sais pas ce que tu loupes, c'est à mon avis un photographe qui a un génie créatif hors du commun... Je te mets un aperçu ici et si ça te plait clique sur le lien sous les photos pour en voir plus!Attention...Ce site est susceptible de heurter la sensibilité des plus jeunes !
Cheyco Leidmann est un « faiseur d’images ». Celles-ci sont composées de pleins de visuels différents. merlinlopress
Paparazzi 3. Qualcuno storcerà il naso per questo video, ma come tutti quelli di Lady Gaga, Beyoncè, Rihanna, ecc., sono pieni di citazioni fotografiche di fotografi come Cheyco Leidmann,che nel tempo hanno sdoganato il gusto fetish/glamour anche nei programmi televisivi dell'ora di cena. Andrea Epaminonda



FESTIVAL International d'AVORIAZ


Felix Films-Cinema
Foxy Lady


inspired by *Обломов* of Ivan Goncharov

Cinerama Film



"Banana Split by Cheyco Leidmann , the quintessential 80's layout reference. "